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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Walking down the tree-lined street to the unemployment office in Hammonton, I think about what I will do when the checks run out.

sun bright sidewalk
a dead opossum’s litter on its nipples


Alan Summers said...

I'm no oracle, but it's good to see a strong topical haibun rooted in actuality.

Beatrice V said...

on her death throes
she gives birth to the new
the wheel of life?

The Oracle says:) from your loss (of work) there will come a gain and a new beginning! B.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Beatrice and Alan for your comments.

diana l. said...

This "seer" says that the meaning of the image will always be interpreted by us feeble human beings based upon its context. Had you not been walking to the unemployment office (and/or concerned about the future), then I would venture to guess that this tragic image might have "meant" precisely that (a tragedy, "out there", separate from you) and nothing more.

Stay hopeful, Martin.

Gillena Cox said...

Life goes; on and so should hope.

much love