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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

thin film of fog
vacuous meanderings
think I've lost my place


Reihaisha said...

very nice

Beatrice V said...

Wonderful Diana! I love this, fog and vacuous meanderings and lost -not sure about 'my place'(it grounds it --the word brings to mind 'found' rather than 'lost') But it is lovely, try to 'lose' my place. Remember to submit for the anthology, the formatting is coming along nice and cosistent, beginning to look good -at least on my screen:)

diana l. said...

Thank you both.

Sorry again, Beatrice, about not having drawn my list together yet to submit. Part of the issue for me is that my "summer haiku" submissions are currently being written right here and now (novice that I am). But I certainly plan to have them to you by the deadline.

Beatrice V said...

Diana, for last spring and this summer, it is easy for me to call up the 'archive' and view all your poems, the ones you have to send/select, are the ones from earlier blogs, which is hard for me to find, maybe you have a record of them- or alternatively, I can pick some from these last two seasons, you just send some for autumn and winter, whether on the blogs or not.