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Sunday, July 5, 2009

attempted robbery

a festival writer in residence
sits it out

I was a writer in residence for Frome Festival (U.K.) last Saturday, at a lovely bookshop, while a friend of mine was in a jewellery shop. While I had lots of people coming up to me (one image on Facebook) and asking what I was writing, the guys in the jewellery shop were doing the opposite.



diana l. said...

Yikes. Your poor friend. Sorry you had such a close scrape there.

Alan Summers said...

It was a distraction and pocket method and the store keeper just asked them to leave (empty handed), but forgot to alert the shop next or the police, and they stole from the other shop.

I didn't know anything at the time as I was a few doors down otherwise I would done something.

There was no danger as no one was physically approached. I just can't believe her fellow shop owners weren't warned by her though.