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Thursday, July 16, 2009

summer blues
blogger accuses poets
of spamming


Mandy said...

I've just posted this without problem so assume the misunderstanding has been sorted.

Alan Summers said...

Phew! Thank you for not denying us a voice. ;-)

Mandy, I think you need to post some good stuff before we're denied from saying anything that might be nice. ;-)



Should we watch Monty Python's Spamalot a lot? ;-)


Vic Gendrano said...

Way to go Mandy!

I am one of those denied access to our blog even after I clicked requesting a review. Another alternative to Blogger, btw, is Yahoo Groups if our administrators are willing to explore it.

Anyway, I accessed this site a runabout way by adding it to a blog to follow. From the comments I click on Summer Haiku blog and here I am.

diana l. said...

Oh my. This problem sounds more serious than I realized. I tried to "request a review" but got confused by the next piece and then gave up. Think I'll have the computer wiz husband step in now!

diana l. said...

Ok, computer-savvy husband walked me through the process. I got onto the Blogger Help page (after agreeing to everything short of naming my first grandchild "Blogger"!), and I posted questions and detail about what we're experiencing - including Vic being locked out even after "requesting a review" and me constantly getting a "security warning" popping up when I try to comment. Let's see if anything comes of this.

By the way, Vic, that's quite a resourceful strategy you came up with there. (Who says poets don't have a left brain?)

Beatrice V said...

I managed to get here using a proxy, because I cannot access any Blogger site at all, I cannot log in though using this proxy. I will have to wait and see.
Diana, when I clicked for the 'review' I did not get a form, it simply said: since you are here we assume you are a 'human' not a computer:) the site will be reviewed.
Hopefully this mess will sort itself out.

diana l. said...

I sure hope so!