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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tour de France

It wouldn't be summer without Le Tour and two days ago the cyclists mounted their trusty steeds in Monaco. They are now cycling through Provence in the direction of Marseilles and will cross into Spain and arrive in the beautiful city of Barcelona. From there the route will take them up into the Pyrenees and back into France...and that's just the first week. In three weeks time they will arrive in Paris. It's a great event, and I love it. I'm following it on TV but I've been fortunate enough to have seen it live in the Alps a couple of times. Let's hope that the doping controls work effectively again and that any cheats are swiftly caught. Chapeau!

the bicyle race
through the sunflower fields,
the shadows on the road


John McDonald said...

good one Gwilym (I love it too)

Alan Summers said...

Really like it. Like the haiku too.

Ashi said...

lovely haiku - we are going to France next week so maybe...

diana l. said...

I am from the States. Your description and haiku brought back dear memories of many beautiful places...

Vic Gendrano said...


I like your use of sunflower and shadows, the yin and yang of life, very nice juxtaposition.

Poet in Residence said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments