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Friday, June 12, 2009

In the Wyoming high country sego lilies bloom for only two weeks in mid-June. Their exotic beauty is unexpected amid sage brush, aspen, and pinon pine. My Mormon ancestors foraged for these nutritious bulbs in lean times. To me, they were a true sign of summer as the snows receded from the foothills.

hungry only for the beauty
of sego lilies


diana l. said...

The description makes the whole piece feel more soothing than if the three lines had stood alone. How interesting what a difference the provision of context can make for the reader's experience.

Very pretty.

Beatrice V said...

I love this Nora.

David said...

i like this a lot Nora. however given the context how about

homesick -
hungry only for sego liles
among sage brush

John McDonald said...

a delightful one nora

Beatrice V said...

Hi again, in response to David, it is always interesting to see the possible variations on a theme, in this particular case, though, my personal opinion is the haiku is perfect as it is.
Let us all try some haibun and tanka too.

Anonymous said...

I always wanted to go out west. Beautiful country and interesting history with a nice haibun, Nora.