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Monday, June 29, 2009

out from the mist
a swan


Ashi said...

as HC Andersen says "from ugly duckling come a Swane" - nice one John

Poet in Residence said...

strong, classic, ancient image with splendid use of 'from' (as opposed to 'of') for the echo

Paul Smith said...

Fantastic John.

David said...


Alan Summers said...

I like the way you broke this broke this up into three lines.

I also agree with Ashi and HC Andersen. Reminds me I was involved with HCA2005 in Britain (Hans Christian Andersen Bicentennial celebrations).

HC Andersen is probably one of the planet's greatest writers but English-language versions do't do his novels, stories and fables justice.

Charles Dickens was in awe of this man, and HC probably inspired Dickens to be a fine performance artist of his own stories.

all my best,


nora said...

Exquisite, John! I like this "swan period" of yours. ;-)

diana l. said...

Just lovely! I am transported.