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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stolen flowers

purple petunias

a crumpled blossom
comes from his pocket -
"for you mom"

Andromeda Jazmon


nora said...

Terrific, Andromeda! I miss those days...

Alan Summers said...

I like the touch of 'yugen' mystery in this.

diana l. said...

Aren't those the best of all?

Alan Summers said...

I must admit I didn't notice the headnote or title of "Stolen flowers"

The poem was good enough without this, but makes it all the more intriguing if boy or man stole the flowers from a shop, funeral service, or gravesite.

stolen flowers–
from his pocket
"for you mom"

Now you have two different versions. I find this a very edgy poem which many good haiku are.

Each version is your poem by the way, so if you decide to either or both poems into different magazines or competitions, they are rightfully your's. ;-)

With Words

Beatrice V said...

I missed this earlier, very good and interestingly 'edgy' as Alan commented.

Vic Gendrano said...

A nostalgic look at the days of innocence. Were we able to turn back the hands of time, we'll see us there, maybe the mother, the child... It's haibunic in a sense because of the "hidden" title. Nice.

Yansidara said...

I so love this poem!