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Monday, July 13, 2009

at last summer!
thirsty grass crackles
under my feet

too late I find you
curled tight at the tips
sprung from a crack

midnight gardener
darkens the lavender
mists the moon


John McDonald said...

nice trio

Alan Summers said...

midnight gardener
darkens the lavender
mists the moon

Makes me think of Tom's Midnight Garden

I suppose some farmers and maybe gardeners do work pre-dawn nowadays?

diana l. said...

Thanks John and Alan.

I love watering my gardens late at night (and have even been known to do some weeding!) There's something very special to me about being embedded in nature after dark (some primal instinct emerging, perhaps!)

Reihaisha said...

it is actually to best time to do it- the water has time to sink down into to roots and deeply nourish the plant without fear of scalding the root system.

diana l. said...

Except that I'm attracting some pretty plump slugs to my hosta - which is, by now quite "holy"!