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Thursday, July 23, 2009

perfect summer

I talk to my mother
I've never seen

(Alan note:
I just finished phoning my mother in Perth, Australia having being given my mother's number by my new uncle.

I have never seen my family, but I hope to see my new half-sister. She just so happens to be currently working in London not far from my London event!)

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Beatrice V said...

A haibun, or simply meant in explanation? I like the haiku, if it were by itself, it also has an ambiguity given to diverse and interesting interpretations.

Alan Summers said...

Hi B!

Yes, a haiku or haikulike verse on its own really.

Wandering spirit said...

I believe, she was very happy talking you, Alan. Touching haiku.

diana l. said...

Wow. Congratulations on making contact. I hope things go well for you as the story continues to unfold.

David said...

This is amazing Alan. Congratulations. I hope the meetings go very well for you.

Alan Summers said...

Thanks David.

My new sister phoned yesterday and we're meeting at Paddington Station this Sunday! ;-)