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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blogger thinks
summer haiku is spam;
No! Luncheon meat at best.

please be patient -
and word verification


Beatrice V said...

Hi Rachel I just received same message -before reading your haiku!:):) I have taken action as instructed, don't know what else can we do, maybe post a message here for readers, just in case something goes wrong they know why... Beatrice

Leatherdykeuk said...

I put in a review request and it seems to have been cleared up already.

I didn't get a word verification in order to post this morning.

It's possible because some spam robots are programmed with random haiku these days. Clever.

Wandering spirit said...

Neither did I. No word verification required whenever I posted my writing to our blog.

Beatrice V said...

Thanks Rachel, let us keep fingers crossed... and yes, clever, clever b...tards! It would be really upsetting to lose this lovely blog!

Alan Summers said...

I put in a review request as well. I've experienced this before and I think the very that a review request was put in (by a few of us) will automatically stop action.

Vic Gendrano said...

Hi guys,

I also am denied access even after I clicked requesting review. (The Summer blog link disappeared at my site completely). As I posted at Mandy, we can explore the possibility of using Yahoo Groups if this problem will persist.

Good luck everybody and be sure to copy ALL your postings here before the blog itself disappears.

Leatherdykeuk said...

The problem seems to have been cleared up, thankfully :)