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Thursday, July 9, 2009

I wasn't sure
which sparkled more
the snagged fish or your smile


David said...

This one makes me smile diana

diana l. said...

Thanks, David. (We ate it for lunch on the last day of our recent camping trip - and my youngest (who, of course, was the fisherman) suddenly developed a deep and abiding love for the taste of sunfish!)

Beatrice V said...

I feel there is some ambiguity here, the snagged fish sparkles - caught in a not so happy situation; the angler's smile is a happy one -from a sense of achievement. Interesting; it may even make a superb tanka if you added a surprise 'conclusion" to the riddle.
Good one, Diana.

Alan Summers said...

I think Beatrice is right, this is begging to be a tanka.

Go for it Diana! ;-)

diana l. said...

Mmmmm. I'll have to think about that. Thank you both for the encouragement to expand.